In Tuition 03/06/2016 STAFF RESTRUCTURING…..the WHY and the HOW?

Inevitably there will need to be changes within an organisation. This may be as a result of the sale or purchase of a business, change in the marketplace or product, financial changes including an increase or decrease in funding or changes in technology. All these changes may mean a review of the number of staff […]

In Tuition – 16/03/2016 FIXED TERM EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENTS….What are they?

Last year I briefly talked about the difference between permanent, fixed term and a casual employment agreement. Now it’s time to get more familiar with what a fixed term employment is, when you can use it and how you use them. A fixed term employment agreement is one that is in place for only a […]

In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 28/04/16)

There have been some significant changes to current employment legislation as a result of concerns relating to unfair employment practices and limitation of employment benefits. Some unfair employment practices included docking a petrol station worker for customer theft or expecting an employee to be on call 24 hours a day for no guaranteed hours (zero-hour […]

Do you have a Jeremy Clarkson?

Have you ever had a Jeremy Clarkson in your business? What did you do and what can you do? Managing a staff member’s performance or conduct can be a bit tricky. There are things called ‘substantive matters’ and ‘procedural matters’ and to get these both right can take a lot of effort and patience. It […]

What do you call a casual when you don’t have a casual?

Since there has been a bit of press about ‘zero hours contracts’ I thought it might be useful to cover off a little about the main types of employment arrangements in the workplace. The three main employment arrangements in the workplace are permanent, fixed term and casual. A permanent arrangement has no fixed end date […]