In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 16/05/16)

WORKPLACE BULLIES……make a stand and say ‘NO’. Last Friday my children wanted to wear pink to school. I was completely unaware of why but they quickly told me that it was in support of ‘anti-bullying’. My research discovered that last week was the first Bullying free NZ Week. It certainly is not news to anyone […]

In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 28/04/16)

There have been some significant changes to current employment legislation as a result of concerns relating to unfair employment practices and limitation of employment benefits. Some unfair employment practices included docking a petrol station worker for customer theft or expecting an employee to be on call 24 hours a day for no guaranteed hours (zero-hour […]

Confidentiality, Privacy and Social Media in the Workplace

Privacy Week was in May so I thought I would talk about privacy and confidentiality in the workplace and how social media has placed these issues squarely in front of us. Whether you are a small or large business you must be aware of your requirements under the Privacy Act 1993.  This Act has 12 […]