In Tuition – 16/03/2016 FIXED TERM EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENTS….What are they?

Last year I briefly talked about the difference between permanent, fixed term and a casual employment agreement. Now it’s time to get more familiar with what a fixed term employment is, when you can use it and how you use them. A fixed term employment agreement is one that is in place for only a […]

How much work time is lost on personal internet use at your company?

With easy access to the web our workforce now can surf the internet checking their Facebook, personal emails and shopping online. Now with modern phones they can also use their own phone to check personal emails etc and you have no access to what they are up to. Loss of work time can hit your […]

What do you call a casual when you don’t have a casual?

Since there has been a bit of press about ‘zero hours contracts’ I thought it might be useful to cover off a little about the main types of employment arrangements in the workplace. The three main employment arrangements in the workplace are permanent, fixed term and casual. A permanent arrangement has no fixed end date […]