Privacy is important because…

We all care about our privacy.  We do not want our personal information being compromised or used incorrectly. The Privacy Act (1993) protects all New Zealanders from invasion of personal privacy by others or businesses both at home and at work.  Everyone is required to comply with the Privacy Act whether they are an individual, […]

CVs….what are the common mistakes?

When reviewing CVs for a role or writing your own there are some common mistakes.  Applicants need to ensure they are at the top of the list and not placed on the ‘reject’ pile because of these mistakes. Spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors – when one of the competencies of a role is ‘attention […]

Employee or Contractor….what do you have?

To decide whether to offer an employment agreement or enter into a Contract for Services you must first decide if the person being engaged is either an employee or a contractor. Generally speaking, an employee is part of the business and a contractor has their own business. An employee would have an Employment Agreement and […]

Our children….are they safe from your workers?

The Vulnerable Children (Requirements for Safety Checks of Children’s Workers) Regulations 2015 came into play on the 1st of July this year.  This Regulation has put in place some strict requirements when hiring workers who work with children. As from 1st of July this year all businesses and organisations that get partial or full funding […]

Workplace Health & Safety….don’t run for cover.

Are you hiding from the new Health & Safety At Work legislation?  Face Health & Safety head on, grab it and shake it into the workplace. There are some key things to think about when looking at what and how to implement a Health & Safety system.  At the very least there should be an […]

Do you have a Jeremy Clarkson?

Have you ever had a Jeremy Clarkson in your business? What did you do and what can you do? Managing a staff member’s performance or conduct can be a bit tricky. There are things called ‘substantive matters’ and ‘procedural matters’ and to get these both right can take a lot of effort and patience. It […]

What do you call a casual when you don’t have a casual?

Since there has been a bit of press about ‘zero hours contracts’ I thought it might be useful to cover off a little about the main types of employment arrangements in the workplace. The three main employment arrangements in the workplace are permanent, fixed term and casual. A permanent arrangement has no fixed end date […]

Confidentiality, Privacy and Social Media in the Workplace

Privacy Week was in May so I thought I would talk about privacy and confidentiality in the workplace and how social media has placed these issues squarely in front of us. Whether you are a small or large business you must be aware of your requirements under the Privacy Act 1993.  This Act has 12 […]

What staff issues do I need to consider over the holiday season….

“Health & Safety” I say…..and you say “Ho, ho, ho…. hum drum!” Well, there are a few Health & Safety matters you need to be aware with regard to your business responsibilities over the holiday season. Most businesses will be looking forward to their Christmas party and you as a business owner should be aware […]

5 useful things to know about public holidays…

So we are well into the season of public holidays.  Most employees would be saying “yippee” and most business owners would probably be saying quite the opposite.  They may well be asking themselves… “What do I pay my staff if they don’t work public holidays?” “What’s it going to cost me if I want my […]