In Tuition 3/08/2016 PROBATION PERIODS VS. TRIAL PERIODS……what is the difference?

I have seen many employment agreements that use confusing terminology relating to the use of trial periods and probation periods. Both are allowed and both are used to assess the suitability of that person to the role but, be aware, they each have different ‘rules’. Probation or trial periods must be agreed by both parties […]

In Tuition 03/06/2016 STAFF RESTRUCTURING…..the WHY and the HOW?

Inevitably there will need to be changes within an organisation. This may be as a result of the sale or purchase of a business, change in the marketplace or product, financial changes including an increase or decrease in funding or changes in technology. All these changes may mean a review of the number of staff […]

In Tuition – 16/03/2016 FIXED TERM EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENTS….What are they?

Last year I briefly talked about the difference between permanent, fixed term and a casual employment agreement. Now it’s time to get more familiar with what a fixed term employment is, when you can use it and how you use them. A fixed term employment agreement is one that is in place for only a […]

In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 16/05/16)

WORKPLACE BULLIES……make a stand and say ‘NO’. Last Friday my children wanted to wear pink to school. I was completely unaware of why but they quickly told me that it was in support of ‘anti-bullying’. My research discovered that last week was the first Bullying free NZ Week. It certainly is not news to anyone […]

In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 28/04/16)

There have been some significant changes to current employment legislation as a result of concerns relating to unfair employment practices and limitation of employment benefits. Some unfair employment practices included docking a petrol station worker for customer theft or expecting an employee to be on call 24 hours a day for no guaranteed hours (zero-hour […]

In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 25/2/15)

OurHR is your HR… Welcome to the first of my regular columns about all things HR. HR is short for Human Resources or, to be less corporate, the people part of your business. They are quite often the largest cost and potentially the highest risk. This is understandable as we humans are a rather dynamic […]