How much work time is lost on personal internet use at your company?

With easy access to the web our workforce now can surf the internet checking their Facebook, personal emails and shopping online. Now with modern phones they can also use their own phone to check personal emails etc and you have no access to what they are up to.

Loss of work time can hit your bottom line. It cost your company money to employ your staff and if they are not working to full capacity by under producing goods or not serving customers your profit margins will be lower. You might also find that colleagues who share the same work load are disgruntled that you are not addressing the issue.

What to do if you suspect a staff member is using the internet for personal use in excess

On your computer servers there is valuable information stored on it. You can ask your IT department to run a report to work out how much time is being wasted by each staff member, which sites are being visited and for how long. Be sure to make sure they have included times and dates. If a staff member is using their work PC for personal use during their break time, then this should be disregarded.

You may wish to do this on a monthly basis for all staff to find if there is a personal surfing culture in your workplace.

You might be surprised to find some staff are using company time on personal internet surfing as much as 30% of their time. This means you are paying 30% of their salary for them to be sitting at their PC shopping online!

Ono company issued phones you can also monitor personal calls made during work and home time. You can also run a report on those for private call use, if you suspect long calls or even calls abroad that are not work related. You can check them against your company database. Some companies actually publish a monthly report to all staff every month, top excessive users soon stop especially if they are constantly at the top.

Before you take this information to your staff members you might want to be sure of the wording in their employment agreements. Does your employment agreement cover internet use for personal surfing during working hours? Will this hold up in the Employment Authority should your worker take you to the ERA if you dismiss them due to lost time? If others staff members are also surfing and you only remove one employee, then you run the risk of unfair dismissal.

Don’t get caught out get those contracts checked?