Privacy is important because…

We all care about our privacy.  We do not want our personal information being compromised or used incorrectly.

The Privacy Act (1993) protects all New Zealanders from invasion of personal privacy by others or businesses both at home and at work.  Everyone is required to comply with the Privacy Act whether they are an individual, club, business, charity or any government department or agency.

The Privacy Act was put in place to regulate organisations and does not cover an individual who collects or holds personal information solely or principally for personal, family or household reasons.

There are 12 privacy principles that set our how personal information is collected, stored, used or disclosed.  Personal information is any information about an individual that can identify that individual.  The 12 principles relate to:

  • Purpose of collection of personal information
  • Source of personal information
  • Collection of information
  • Manner of collection of personal information
  • Storage and security of personal information
  • Access to personal information
  • Correction of personal information
  • Accuracy of personal information to be checked before use
  • Personal information not to be kept for longer than necessary
  • Limits on use of personal information
  • Limits on disclosure of personal information
  • Unique identifiers

Larger organisation should appoint a Privacy Officer.  This Officer will handle queries or complaints about privacy matters and liaise with the Officer of the Privacy Commissioner, if necessary.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner does not have the ability to make a ruling rather it can make a recommendation on ‘interference with privacy’.  Interference with privacy is where there is a breach of one or more of the Privacy Principles, breach of a Privacy Code of Practice or privacy relating to data matching between government agencies.

Your business relies on people – whether they are customers, staff, contractors or suppliers. Those people trust you to look after the information you have about them. This means you and your employees must have good privacy practices.  If you lose the trust, they will go somewhere where they are treated better.

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