In Tuition – OurHR is your HR (Kapiti News 25/2/15)

OurHR is your HR…

Welcome to the first of my regular columns about all things HR.

HR is short for Human Resources or, to be less corporate, the people part of your business. They are quite often the largest cost and potentially the highest risk. This is understandable as we humans are a rather dynamic breed!

I am Melanie Davis and I have worked in the ‘people’ industry for some 20 years both overseas and in New Zealand. I have experience in large and small private sector, public sector and iwi based organisations.

I’ve seen how small and medium sized organisations have struggled with the ‘people’ part of their business. This is where I come in.

I will cover changes in employment legislation, health & safety, social media in the workplace, privacy, recruitment, policy development and management, immigration, current employment issues in the news, how to manage poor performers, staff issues that need to be covered when buying or selling a business and much more…

With ANZAC Day in April I think it timely to highlight a wee change in legislation.

Effective last year both Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day were Mondayised. This means that if either of these public holidays falls on a weekend they will be observed on the following Monday.

Last year this didn’t occur but this year ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday. Confused? You won’t be the only one. This may seem simple in theory but the application can be a little tricky. Here are a couple of examples of different situations:

• If a worker normally works on a Saturday then their public holiday is the Saturday.
• If a worker does not normally work a Saturday then their public holiday is the Monday.

Remember that the normal public holiday entitlements apply in these situations. Also remember though that staff cannot ‘double dip’. It’s one day or the other.

Employers may want to think about advising staff of this before ANZAC Day so that they understand their entitlement – it might save any questions later.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs or require assistance with any of your ‘people’ issues then please do contact me.



25 February 2015