Privacy Act (1993)

The Privacy Act (1993) protects all New Zealanders from invasion of personal privacy by others or businesses both at home and at work. Everyone is required to comply with the Privacy Act whether you are an individual, club, business, charity or any government department or agency.

The Privacy Act was put in place to regulate organisations and does not cover an individual who collects or holds personal information solely or principally for personal, family or household reasons.

Social media is an area generally not covered by the Privacy Act however there is a Bill at Parliament called the Harmful Digital Communication Bill which will cover the social media arena.

Organisations can protect themselves in the social media arena by having strong policies relating to privacy, confidentiality and use of social media.

There are 12 privacy principles that set our how personal information is collected, stored, used or disclosed. Personal information is any information about an individual that can identify that individual.

It is your responsibility as a business owner to keep safe and secure any information you collect and use.  Even if it’s just their phone number or address.

Your business relies on people and these people trust that you will look after the information you have collected.  If you lose the trust, they will go somewhere else!

OurHR has standard policies for purchase and can provide guidance and advice for their use.

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