Health and Safety at Work Bill

Some of you may be aware and some not but the Health and Safety Reform Bill is nearing its final phase before becoming an Act.  It is envisaged this will take place in early 2015.

It is deemed the biggest reform in workplace health and safety and given the proposed increase in WorkSafe inspectors I believe medium and small businesses who have taken a “we’ll be alright” approach to health and safety cannot continue to do this.

Major proposals include a stronger approach to employee participation in workplace health and safety, tougher penalties for business owners and every single workplace and all involved in the workplace including Directors, senior officers and employees will all have greater health and safety duties.

Eliminating risks/hazards in the workplace is a high priority.  When looking at risks a business must look at potential risks, ways to eliminate the risk, degree of harm and cost of eliminating it.

The penalties are tough and range from monetary penalty to imprisonment.
I urge you to review your health and safety systems and commence work on improving your systems in order to meet this proposed legislation.

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